Brenda Chamness, M.S., CHES, American Fitness Index Program Officer
American College of Sports Medicine

“With a true passion for health, environmental issues and sustainability, Ryan is a communications professional who brings top-notch writing skills and strategic vision to these sectors. This winning combination has been invaluable to the ACSM American Fitness Index program since its launch in 2008. Ryan has helped build a first-class communications platform for us, both nationally and locally.”

Molly Chavers and Karissa Hulse

“Ryan Puckett makes us smile. He makes us think. And in his blogging, which he does on a regular basis for IndyHub, Ryan educates on issues and events that matter. We’re struck by the amount of information he’s able to include in his relatively short posts, The Great Green Hope. Ryan has a knack for making his readers feel a little smarter after reading his blog, without talking down to them in the process. He makes one want to dig into the issue more. And, as mentioned, he infuses his trademark wit into his posts pretty ingeniously. We’re fans. We follow.”

Susan Newman, Manager, Internet and Marketing Services
Portland Cement Association

“Ryan worked on a long project where he had to read, digest, and synthesize a wide range of diverse material and rework it to develop a tool kit for promoters which included numerous fact sheets and issues documents. He formulated two step-by-step playbooks and a blueprint to aid in the promotion efforts of industry volunteers. By developing a format and style that integrated all the parts of the project, he created one voice for all the material. Ryan came up with just the right mix of promotional and technical information to appeal to the target audiences. He was dependable, reliable and easy to work with.”

Bruce McIntosh, Staff Vice President
Portland Cement Association

“Ryan has both the strategic and tactical skill sets to develop and implement an integrated communications program that includes public affairs, media relations, internal communications, marketing, and external relations.”

Nicole Reedy, Art Director,
Whole Foods Market

“Ryan’s writing features a clever tone and concise style. He successfully juggles many projects at once while paying close attention to the details.”